Beer Review: Ska Brewing Nefarious Ten Pin

Ska Brewing Nefarious Ten Pin

Ska Brewing's Nefarious Ten Pin - 8.0% ABV

I’ll be honest, a big draw of this beer was the wax seal. You don’t put a wax seal on your beer unless your damn proud of it, right? The fact that it’s an imperial porter didn’t hurt either. I’ve seen quite a few imperial stouts, but I can’t recall another imperial porter that I’ve tried.

The wax seal was immediately annoying. I had to cut it with my wine key before being able to get the cap off.  Once I did it get it, drinking came pretty easily. Tasting notes follow:

The beer pours dark and barely translucent, with a hint of dark copper when held up to the light. There’s a small amount of creamy, almost cappuccino like head.

The aroma has roasted malt acridity with a hint of woodiness and alcohol. The taste is sweet malt with roasted notes followed with a heavy bit of alcohol and a bit of sourness with some dark stone fruit. The beer has a very creamy, smooth mouthfeel that goes along well with the 8.0% alcohol.

Overall, this beer is pretty good, but could use a bit more balance and maybe a bit more of the dark, acrid flavors. The alcohol is a bit aggressive, but still fits in with the style of an Imperial Porter. I’m not sure I’d pick this up again, but it was a fun adventure.