Am I Spoiled?

I’ve been living in Chicago for just about 3 months now, and I’ve more or less figured out where in my neighborhood I can go to belly up and have a pint or three.  I have a few awesome multi-taps around me like Sheffields or Local Option and neither Goose Island tap house is too far.

A Standard Selection of Taps

photo by flickr user JanetandPhil

Beyond these destination beer bars, I’ve noticed that almost every bar has tab options beyond the standard American macros. I’ve grown accustomed to many of the standard imports (Guinness, Smithwicks, Becks, Heineken) in my 3 years of going to the bar, but beyond these Chicago seems to have a class of pervasive micros. Almost every bar that I’ve been to has both Boston Lager as well as the Sam Adams seasonal offering. Most also have at least one of either Fat Tire or Magic Hat #9 or even both.

Recently, I’ve notice that I tend to turn my nose up at these at these ubiquitous beers.  To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of #9 or Boston Lager, but I think a good bit of my disregard for for the others is some sort of mix between overload and plain ‘ol snobbery. I remember trying Two Brothers’ Domiane DuPage at Firkin and Pheasant and really, really enjoying it. When I was thinking of beers to compare it to, the one blindingly obvious one was Fat Tire.

I honestly think Domaine DuPage does a better job balancing the sweetness and roast of the malt, but if I step back, I bet a lot of my preference comes down to liking the less well known beer better.

It’s like the paradox of the greatest indie band ever, as soon as it forms it’s less awesome than it was before since people (the members) know about it.

So am I right shoving aside the common, tested brews in favor of something less well known? Or am I simply punishing legitimately earned success?