Original Gravity Two Year Anniversary

Original Gravity Brewing

Tim and I were  bored last Saturday and decided to check out a brew pub we had never been to before. I couldn’t walk long distances on account of a badly sprained ankle, so it seemed like a great a opportunity to drive out to a brewpub in the surrounding area.

We decided to head two towns over to Milan, MI and check out Original Gravity Brewing Company. It’s just off the road in an unassuming building that used to be an auto garage. The first thing you notice as you walk in is the brewing equipment set in the far corner of the space. Most places separate their brewing area from their dining area, but OG decided to incorporate it with the bar surrounding one side and a low fence surrounding the other. Immediately upon walking in, you get the impression that this place is about beer.

There are quite a few round wooden tables with heavy wooden chairs set in two separate sections, but Tim and I decided to sidle up to the bar. The bar itself is impressive. It is very wide and made out of heavy, dark wood. From the look of the place to the ease and friendliness of the waitstaff you get the feeling the that the place has been around for a long time, yet, as the title of the post may have hinted, OG is just under 2 years old.

Tim and I had both tried some of their beers before (Primordial Porter for Tim, 440 Smoker for me), so we came in with some pretty high expectations. The most memorable beer for me was their Southpaw IPA. Their website describes as being hopped with copious amounts of Cascade and Amarillo hops, which I usually associate with a citrusy, almost grapefruit flavor. The hop taste in this IPA was more resiny and syrupy, which is not to say it was bad. It was a different taste in an IPA than I’d grown accustom to, and the hop taste balanced well with a fairly sweet malt base.

We’ll probably be heading back to OG this Saturday for their 2 year anniversary extravaganza. There are details here, but the highlights include $2 pints until 4pm, BBQ starting at 1pm and, in a collaboration with White Labs, are showcasing the power of yeast. They are taking the same beer recipe and using different varieties of yeast to showcase the flavor profiles of different strains. All 20 beers will be on tap starting at 3pm. If you’re interested in homebrewing and the subtleties therein, this is definitely an event you’ll want to check out.