Recipe: BREWConn Blueberry Wheat

The first in our Michigan Football 2010 series, BREWConn is a standard summer wheat ale, with 2 quarts of blueberries (about 4 pounds) added in secondary. This was our first extract brew in a while, though it did include some specialty grains.


  • 8lb Liquid Wheat Extract
  • .5lb Flaked Wheat (steeped)
  • .5lb Flaked Oats (steeped)


  • 1/4oz Columbus pellets, added at 60 and 15.


Wyeast 1056.


The beer ended up being much darker in color than we were expecting as we took it out of primary. We bought 2 quarts of locally-grown blueberries, pureed them in a blender, and added it to our secondary fermenter before siphoning the beer into secondary.

Tasting Notes

Decent. Originally had a yeast-y taste that has gone away the longer we’ve let it age. Of course, one of the reasons we made this beer for UConn was to hope for a blue color… and we ended up with a red/maroon by the time the blueberries were pureed. That’s life, I guess.