Notes From Brew Day 2

The pictures may tell the story, but it’s certainly worth noting that round 2 of brewing was far less… frantic… than the first go-round. That’s obviously to be expected, as we learned a lot of lessons from the first brew day to apply to the second. Among them were:

  • Following one set of instructions only, instead of trying to hybridize several different sources.
  • Buying a bottling bucket for mixing the wort(which we’ll obviously clean and re-use on bottling day).
  • The bucket also allowed us to more easily measure the specific gravity.
  • Buying distilled water to add to the mash to make the wort (we’ve since learned that distilled water is unnecessary, but if we wanted distilled water, this was certainly much easier than boiling it ourselves).
  • Having homemade tools (i.e. Vodka handle funnel) ready-made this time.
  • Buying ice to cool the wort ahead of time, so we didn’t potentially kill our yeast by adding it to a still-hot liquid.

Of course, I think one of the cardinal rules of homebrewing dictates that, since we were so much more confident this time,our batch is going to turn out poorly, just to remind us to remain humble before the Beer Gods. We’ll find out at intitial tasting in a couple weeks.