Beer Review: Short’s Bloody Beer

Short's Brew Bloody Beer

Short's Brew Bloody Beer

Without paying too much attention to the label, I poured Bloody Beer into my glass. “Shouldn’t it be red?” was my first thought. I knew it had tomato flavors, but that was the extent of my knowledge.

First sip: Celery. Dill Salt. Cracked Peppercorns.

Ah ha! “Bloody” is short for Bloody Mary, the breakfast of champions (where “champions” here refers to those who wake up with a hangover). With that in mind, I continued to drink on.

Tomato, celery, and salt are the three overwhelming flavors of the Bloody Beer, even moreso than any particular beer standards like hops or malt. In fact, it’s hard to taste more than the slightest hints that this is a beer at all. More than anything, it’s almost like a blonde-colored, watered-down, carbonated bloody mary than anything. It even has a little of the viscosity of tomato juice, which is a different consistency than you’d get from a beer.

As a beer, I would say it’s below average for those reasons. As a beverage, it’s certainly interesting enough to try once or twice. I split the bottle with someone, and don’t know if I could handle the flavors for an entire 12 ounces. It’s an interesting beer to mix with others, because it can add a lot of flavors that you won’t get from damn near anything you mix with it.