The three brewers

After years of talking about brewing, one Summer day we actually saddled up and started. From that fortuitous day in July, 2009, we’ve moved from extract to all-grain, started kegging, had bottle bombs and tried to ferment sweet potato. We’re far from experts, but we think we have some insights that people might find valuable. We’ve also made mistakes that we can help others avoid and learn from as well.

Like everybody who brews, we enjoy beers that others make (you might call that our first love). We try to check out any local brewpub and look for the most ridiculous beers on the menu to try. Hopefully you can find some interesting stuff as we chronicle our adventure in beer and brewing.

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    My friend Joby and I recently made a 30 second time lapse video called “Craft Beer in Bathtub”. It promotes drinking craft beer and I thought if you like it and you’re looking for beer-related content, then you might be interested in posting it on your site for your readers.

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