Michigan Brewer’s Guild Winter Festival

Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival

Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Beer Festival

Tomorrow is the big day. We’re ready to take the world of Michigan craft brewers by storm, one beer at a time. Here’s the full list of participating breweries and their beers – though some breweries will bring along offerings not on the roster.

Paul is working on something very special for the MBG Winter Festival that we’ll unveil on Friday. Check back that day (especially smartphone users) to see the goods.

Paul and I have written a couple things about some of the beers that we’re most excited to try:

  • Arbor Brewing Company Crye Baby Rye – “Maybe… low priority. looking to brew a rye in the future” – Paul
  • Arcadia Brewing Company Cereal Killer Barley Wine – “Even though I’ve had it before, I’m a barley wine sucker” – Tim
  • Arcadia Panama Red Smoked Imperial Red Ale – “I’m auto-‘yes’-ing any smoke ales.” – Paul
  • Arcadia Shipwreck Porter – “I hope they have the barrel-aged one” – Tim
  • Atwater Block Brewery US Black Imperial Stout – “Obvs.” – Tim
  • Bell’s Brewery Golden Rye – “Same reason as the ABC rye” – Paul
  • Bell’s Harry McGill’s Spiced Stout – “Interesting” – Tim
  • Bell’s Smoke Stout – “Bell’s sure does like their stouts” – Paul
  • Big Buck Brewery Triple Rye IPA – “We’ll stop here and this seems interesting” – Paul. Translation – I LOVE ALL RYE BEERS AND ALSO IPAs THIS IS GOING TO BE HEAVEN.
  • Big Buck Wild Winter – “Maybe” – Tim.
  • Big Rock Chop & Brewhouse Bourbon Imperial Stout – “Bourbon stout = yes” – Tim
  • Big Rock Blueberry Ice Trippel – “I feel kind of girly going for the fruit beers” – Paul
  • Big Rock Strong Scotch Ale – “Scotch ale also = yes” – Tim
  • Big Rock Sour Raspberry – “I could give this a go” – Paul
  • Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery Bourbon Oak ‘Hands off my Goat’ – “Obvs.” – Tim
  • B.O.B.’s Brewery Robert the 4th BOB’s Bourbon Barrel Beer – “Obvs.” – Tim
  • BOB Peanut Butter and Stout – “See how it compares to our peanut butter beer” – Paul
  • BOB BBQIPA Smoked IPA – “Interesting” – Tim. “Double yes” – Paul.
  • Brewery Vivant St. Peppercorn Pale Rye – “To steal it from Paul’s list” – Tim
  • Copper Canyon Brewery Rocktoberfest – “Token lager” – Paul
  • Copper Canyon Gingerbread Cookie Ale – “Interesting. This might have been at the summer festival though” – Tim
  • Copper Canyon Imperial Mild – “They have a beer named ‘oxymoronic’ and it’s not this one” – Tim
  • Dark Horse Brewing Company GingeRed – “Ginger…” – Paul
  • Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Scotty Karate – “OMG YES” – Tim
  • Dark Horse Whiskey Richard Sour Ale – “Whiskey? Check. Sour? Check” – Paul
  • Dark Horse Sour Plead the Fifth Stout – “Interesting” – Tim
  • Dark Horse Ginger in the Rye – “Rye and ginger? Maybe we should just go to Dark Horse…” – Paul
  • Dragonmead Microbrewery Final Absolution Tripel – “This is a good beer” – Paul
  • Dragonmead Sin Eater Dark Belgian Strong – “Yes” – Tim
  • Founders Brewing Company Imperial Stout – “Yes” – Tim
  • Founders KBS Imperial Stout – “Obvs.” – Tim
  • Founders Red’s Rye (Firkin) – “To steal it from Paul’s list” – Tim
  • Frankenmuth Brewing Company Baltic-style Porter – “If I had to choose one” – Paul
  • Frog Island Brewing Company Old St. Nick Nolte Holiday Ale – “Just because the name is awesome” – Tim
  • Frog Island Stone Bone Old Ale – “I’ll have an Old Ale that’s almost ready to drink [homebrew for comparison purposes]” – Paul
  • Frog Island Witch’s Hat Confusion Barleywine – “Barley wine” – Tim
  • Grizzly Peak Brewing Company Burton-Brussels Express Wood-aged IPA – “If the Brussels refers to Brett in the barrel, sign me up” – Paul
  • Hopcat Slammin’ Salmon American Pale Ale – “They had a turkey beer… is this a salmon beer?” – Paul
  • Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales Chocolate, Pineapple, Chipotle Rauch Biere – “Very interesting” – Tim. “You stole this from my list” – Paul
  • Kuhnhenn Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Aged Fourth Dementia Olde Ale – “Obvs.” – Tim
  • Kuhnhenn Lunar Eclipse Amero-Bel IPA – “I hope it’s like their Total Eclipse Stout: read 19% ABV” – Paul
  • Liberty Street Brewing Company Pooh Beer Honey Porter – “Interesting” – Tim
  • Liberty Street Resinator Hemp Doppelbock – “We’ve talked about hopping with hemp before” – Tim. We haven’t tried it yet because we aren’t stoners.
  • Lily’s Seafood Grill and Brewery A Strange Oatmeal Stout – “I wonder what strange about it…?” – Paul
  • Lily’s Yukon Cornelius Spiced Porter – “If I had to choose one” – Paul
  • Lily’s O’Grady’s Cherry Stout – “Maybe compare to the subpar Bell’s cherry stout” – Tim
  • The Livery – “Almost all of these sound cool” – Tim. “I say we post up here for a while…” – Paul
  • Michigan Beer Cellar Double Black Magic Double RyPA- “Why the hell not” – Paul”
  • New Holland Brewing Company Charkoota Rye Smoked Doppelbock – “Yes” – Tim
  • New Holland 2010 El Mole Ocho – “AHHHHH YEEEEEEAH” – Paul
  • New Holland 2010 Beer Hive Trippel w/honey and ginger – “Yes” – Tim
  • New Holland Mutinous Battle Chai Saison – “I’ve been into saisons lately” – Paul
  • New Holland 2006 Pilgrim’s Dole – “Old. I’m kind of curious” – Paul
  • Odd Side Ales Fig Brewton Pale Ale – “Hmmmm” – Tim
  • Odd Side Irish-style Mint Stout – “Interesting” – Tim. “Mint beer is next” – Paul
  • Odd Side Black Peppercorn Pale Ale – “I’ve been a sucker for peppercorn beers” – Paul
  • Odd Side Smoked Chili Pale Ale – “Obvs.” – Tim
  • Old Boys’ Brewhouse La Belle Apple – “Maybe” – Tim
  • Old Boys’ Toffee Stout – “A twist!” – Tim
  • Old Hat Brewery and Grill Bees Knees Gluten-free Ale – “I’ll admit: I’m a little interested” – Tim
  • Olde Peninsula Brewpub Stout Chocula – “I approve of this name” – Paul
  • Original Gravity Brewing Company 440 Pepper Smoker – “Obvious, even though it’s one of their standards” – Tim. “Love this beer” – Paul
  • Original Gravity Bellywasher Scotch Ale – “I like this style. Haven’t had it before” – Paul
  • Original Gravity Bourbon Barrel Ginger Ale – “Only if it’s alcoholic ginger ale, and not like bourbon-aged Canada Dry or something” – Tim
  • Right Brain Brewery Random Alpha Docious Collaboration IPA – “Collaboration with whom?” – Paul
  • Right Brain Bonaduce Ginger IPA – “Ginger…” – Paul
  • Right Brain Barrel Aged Black Eye IPA – “This has a lot of different words smashed together that I recognize as things I like” – Tim
  • Rochester Mills Beer Company 2009 Imperial Stout – “So we can try both” – Paul
  • Rochester Mills 2008 Bourbon Barrel Barleywine – “Obvs.” – Tim
  • Round Barn Brewery Grape Expectations – “I hope it’s aged in one of their wine barrels” – Paul
  • Royal Oak Brewery Das Brittania Export Ale – “Yes” – Tim
  • Royal Oak Brewery Abbey Normal Belgian Pale Ale – “By default” – Paul
  • Saugatuck Brewing Company Rauch Bier – “SMOKE” – Paul
  • Saugatuck Neapolitan Ale – “Milk Stout” – Tim
  • Sherwood Brewing Company Mistress Jades Hemp Ale – “Gotta compare to the Liberty Street hemp offering” – Tim
  • Sherwood Mole Stout – “I wonder if this is molé of moles…” – Paul
  • Sherwood Resinator Hemp Doppelbock – “Yes” – Paul
  • Short’s Brewing Company Carrot Cake – “Hmmmm” – Tim
  • Short’s Almond Joy – “I could be down” – Paul
  • Waldorff Brewpub and Bistro Cobain’s Double Dark IPA – “Closest thing to my parents’ hometown place” – Paul
  • Woodward Avenue Brewers Vanilla Porter – “Eh, I could try it” – Tim

There’s a damn good chance we don’t get to try everything on this list, and I can guarantee that we’ll try a couple things we haven’t singled out yet. That’s part of what makes the Brewer’s Festival so much fun, right?

In order to make this easier on ourselves, we’re going to drink the two preceding nights as well. Wait, wait, wait: hear me out. We plan on spending Thursday night (I’m writing this in advance because who knows how much I’ll feel like writing in between sessions of debauchery) checking out what Ann Arbor has to offer – and drinking some beer festival beers I’ve already bought – and if we can cross anything off our list ahead of time, it’ll make things easier for us Saturday afternoon. We plan to do the same Friday night in Grand Rapids. Who knows, maybe we’ll pick up a recipe and brew a batch of our own on Friday afternoon.

Should be an excellent weekend.

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