Michigan Breweries: The Biggest and Newest

Michigan Breweries: The Biggest and Newest

Since it’s the week leading up to the Michigan Brewers’ Guild Winter Festival, we’re excited about beer in the state of Michigan. The mainstream media seems to be similarly stoked. First, the top 10 brewers (by volume) in the state of Michigan, per MLive’s Kalamabrew blog:

1. Bell’s Brewery Inc., Kalamazoo (153,973)
2. Founders Brewing Co., Grand Rapids (28,516)
3. New Holland Brewing Co., Holland (12,314)
4. Michigan Brewing Co., Webberville, (9,856)
5. Arcadia Brewing Co., Battle Creek (8,759)
6. Short’s Brewing Co., Bellaire (8,420)
7. Dark Horse Brewing Co., Marshall (6,179)
8. Keweenaw Brewing Co., Houghton (5,420)
9. Atwater Block Brewery, Detroit (4,700)
10. Arbor Brewing Co./Corner Brewery, Ann Arbor (4,057)

It’s shocking to me (though it probably shouldn’t be) just how much bigger Bell’s is than Founders. I’ve been to almost every brewery on the list, but haven’t hit up Short’s or Keweenaw in the flesh.

Various newspapers are gearing up for the MBG Winter Festival by profiling breweries. The Kalamazoo Gazette talks Dark Horse, which I’m glad to hear is in the stages of some expansion. The Marshall-based brewery has to be one of the more underrated producers of craft beer in the state. Speaking of expansion, it’s no secret that Founders is is trending upward as well. They project 45,000 barrels of production this year.

There’s a ton more information on MLive about the state’s beer economy and the MBG Winter Festival itself, so check it out. We’ll be talking about Michigan beer all week on YBD because we are very excite indeed for the weekend.

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