Chart Day

Usually we try to have a little more substance to our posts, but I’ll “play between the notes” today for a mini post with a couple fun charts. Both come via I Love Charts. The first one has made the rounds across the beer blogosphere in the past week or so:

The United States of Beer Map

The United States of Beer (click for big)

The methodology behind some of the choices is… questionable – often boiling down to “Hey, we can’t think of anything better… BUSCH LIGHT!!!” – but at least the three states represented by the writers of this here blog (Bell’s for me, Goose Island for Paul, and New Belgium for The Prodigal Son). Of course, as a Grand Rapids ex-pat, I’d cast my vote for Founder’s as Michigan’s representative beer – and RateBeer seems to agree, rating it the second-best brewer in the whole world – but I’m glad to see the obvious choice of Coor’s doesn’t get forced on Nate out in the Rocky Mountain State. Anything you’d like to see changed?

The second chart also comes via I Love Charts, and is a graphical breakdown of different beer styles, and how they relate to each other:

Beer Style Family Tree

Beer Style Family Tree (click for big)

Again, I don’t think the chart is perfect. There are a lot of style types missing – but maybe that’s a sign we’re getting too specific naming styles, no? Still, it’s an interesting chart, and though there are omissions, and possibly some incorrect relationships, it speaks to the visual learner in me.

If all those styles make it a bit difficult, the folks at have put together a handy flow chart. Be prepared to answer some hard questions:

Courtesy of

It’s mostly the bigger names on there, but it’s interesting to go in blind, answer honestly and see where you end up.

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