Hopcat Turkey Tears

Hopcat Turkey Tears

Seriously. Turkey.

Just in time for the holiday, Hopcat made it possible to drink your Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, cranberry sauce, and all. Turkey Tears is based upon the Sage Against the Machine Pale Ale, but as the flyer says, is brewed with real turkey, cranberries, and honey. Though including meat as an ingredient in beer seems… odd, to say the least, I couldn’t resist trying something new.

The beer was a light amber color (slightly lighter than it seems from the included picture), with very little head. The aroma was mostly sage with a bit of malt and, yes, a hint of turkey. The flavor itself was mostly sage. There was a slight hint of turkey flavor, but the main thing I got out of the turkey was a really salty taste. The cranberries didn’t seem to add much, and I could barely even detect them in the background. The honey flavor was what you’d expect.

So, despite my initial hesitance to try a beer with turkey in the brewing process (alas, my server didn’t know when in the process it was introduced, though I would guess the boil), it turned out to be not bad. I wasn’t a huge fan of the saltiness, but as a gimmick beer, it certainly wasn’t repulsive.

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