Beer Review: Two Brothers Cane & Ebel

Two Brother's Cane and Ebel

Cane and Ebel by Two Brother's

I was at Binny’s looking for a nice 6-pack to go along with the 12 pack of PBR I was bringing over to my friend’s house for a football game.  I still feel out of place looking through craft brews in Chicago. There are a lot more and very few of my standard Michigan beers. This is, overall, a good thing, but when I was just dropping in to make a quick purchase en route, I kind of wanted to go with something dependable.

Then I saw Cane and Ebel. It’s an American Pale Ale made with Rye that clocks in at 7% ABV and 68IBUs. It’s described by Two Brothers as:

Dry but with a creamy touch of Thai palm sugar and the spicy tang of rye, all balanced by loads of our wackiest new hops we could lay our hands on.  Yep, it’s an original. And it’s no sin.

Despite the brewer’s claim that it’s an original, I bought it because it reminded of Founder’s Red’s Rye (quite possibly my favorite “standard” beer), and rye is one of my favorite non-standard ingredients.

The beer pours a dark, reddish brown with a thick, creamy head that laces its way down the glass. There’s plenty of citrusy, grapefruit hops in the nose. The beer is smooth with a good mouthfeel. The grain bill manages to stand up to all the hops, and the rye gives it that unique, spicy flavor that gets me every time.

I’d definitely order this at a bar or pick up another 6-pack.

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