Recipe: Boiling Greens Double IPA

The third (and as of now, final – unless I come up with some other recipes, and soon) in our Football Series 2010. This beer is for Michigan’s contest against Bowling Green this weekend, and as the pun in the name implies, there are a lot of hops in this bad boy.


  • 10lb Golden Promise
  • 1.5lb American Vienna
  • 0.5lb 10L Crystal Malt
  • 4lb Dry Light Malt Extract


  • 3oz 16% A.A. Columbus (60, 30, 15)
  • 1oz Fuggles (dry-hopped)


Wyeast 1272, American Ale II

Brewing Notes

This bad boy bubbled forever once it got going (pretty quickly – probably before the Beat the Irish Stout, which we brewed a couple days earlier), which I guess you’d expect from a high-gravity beer. Alas, with only 3 corny kegs, we didn’t have a place to put this beer once fermentation was complete, and didn’t even get to taste it prior to the football game for which it was brewed.

Tasting notes coming when the beer is ready.

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