Ann Arbor: Beer City USA?

Charlie Papazian, on Beer Examiner, is accepting nominations for the Beer City, USA contest. For a city to be nominated, it must receive 70 votes on the page. 16 Cities have already reached the required 70 votes, and a number of others are close – including Ann Arbor.

Per a Papazian tweet earlier today, Ann Arbor is one of the few additional cities within reach of a nomination:

Huntsville(26), Ann Arbor(20), Baltimore(16) in the hunt for nomination. Need 70.

You can only vote once per IP address, so round up as many friends as you can (or visit a bunch of different coffee shops), and try to get Ann Arbor nominated. A2 isn’t an option on the page’s poll, so you’ll have to write it in. Voting closes at 2PM Eastern on Sunday.

Why is Ann Arbor deserving? The home of Grizzly Peak, The Blue Tractor, Jolly Pumpkin (taphouse only – though the main brewery is still in metro Ann Arbor), Arbor Brewing Company, Ashley’s, and a robust homebrewing community, it’s almost certainly beer city, Michigan. Might as well keep aiming higher.

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