Recipe: Sullivan Birthday Stout

So, our goal was to create a really big, dark, rich stout. We probably achieved 2 of 3, but didn’t get the efficiency from our mash to get it as big as we would have liked it. After this ferments for a good long time, it will become our very first kegged beer, which is very exciting for us. We did this as a partial mash as our 5gal cooler is not big enough to hold enough grain to do a really high gravity beer.


  • 8lbs Maris Otter
  • .5lbs Crystal 120ºL
  • 1lb Chocolate Rye
  • 1lb Roasted Barley
  • .25lbs Black Patent


  • 3lbs Dark Dry Malt Extract


  • Williamette


  • White Labs Bedford Ale Yeast (WLP006) [we think this died as we dried to make a starter… stupid broken thermometer]
  • White Labs Dry English Ale Yeast (WLP007)

We mashed the grain for an hour with about 2.75gal of 165ºF water and sparged with 170ºF water only up until about 3gal since it was getting stuck often and we’re impatient kids.

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