Recipe: Return of the Yeast Brown Ale

This was our first attempt to reuse the yeast cake in our carboy. This cake was from the Sullivan Stout (WLP007). Other than that, it was a fairly standard Brown Ale. As predicted, the beer started up very quickly and fermented in a couple days.


  • 8lbs Maris Otter
  • .75lbs Crystal 60ºL
  • 1lb American Victory
  • .5lb Belgian Special B


  • 1lbs Dark Malt Extract


  • .5 oz Kent Goldings (5% AA) 60 minutes
  • .25 oz Kent Goldings (5% AA) 30 minutes
  • .25 oz Kent Goldings (5% AA) 15 minutes


  • White Labs Dry English Ale Yeast (WLP007)

We mashed the grain for an hour with about 3gal of 165ºF water and sparged with about 3 gallons of 170ºF water. The final boil volume was 4 gallons and we added another 1 gallon of purified water.

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