The Great American Beer Festival

On September 24-26, the Colorado Convention Center is hosting the annual Great American Beer Festival.

Regarded as one of the top 1000 places in the US before you die, the GABF has over 2000 beers from over 400 breweries across America. Put on by the Brewers Association, the event runs from 5:30-10:00 each evening (each session costing $55, with Designated Driver tickets costing $20). There is also a ‘members only’ event Saturday afternoon from 12:30-4:30 costing $45 dollars. This is open only to Brewers Association or members of the American Homebrewers’¬†Association. You can purchase a one year membership to the AHA with your ticket for a total of $83.

A major component of the GABF is the beer competition. Breweries submit various beers for consideration. The beers are awarded medals based, not on ‘place’ in which they finish, but how well they meet the expectations of the style of beer they have created. The prize, apparently, aside from bragging rights, is to have your picture taken with Charlie Papazian

List of breweries attending.
GABF website

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