Hops, cont.

As we learned in the the Bare-Bones Basics: Hops, hops contribute significantly to the character of a beer, both in flavor and aroma. While bittering hops are a very noticeable and hard to  ignore quality, the subtler aspects of finishing hops can be slightly more difficult to characterize without putting forth the effort to look for them. Indeed, often we are given beer too cold, and these characteristics are difficult to perceive.

Remember, your sense of taste and smell are very strongly linked. When drinking a beer, you need to let these two things blend together in order to get a full feel for what the brewer was trying to present to you. There are a lot of options when using finishing hops, allowing the brewer to chose between a wide array of aromas: spicy, floral, citrus, fruity, earthy, etc. The brewer makes a conscious decision as to if an how he wants to dry-hop. As a drinker, it’s your duty to look for what choices he/she made. It’s there so you can appreciate it.

Enjoy the full extent of your beer.

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