ESB Recipe

The Ingredients

  • 1lb American Crystal Malt 40L
  • 2oz British Chocolate Malt
  • 6.6lbs Liquid Dark Malt Extract
  • 2oz Chinook
  • 2.5oz Fuggle

The Process

  • Bring ≈3 gals of water up to heat.
  • Between 160-170ºF add grains in muslin bag and remove from heat. Allow to steep for 40 minutes.
  • Remove spent grains and bring mixture to boil.
  • Once malt is mixed bring to a boil and add 2oz Chinook hops. Start boil timer.
  • 50 minutes in/10 minutes from the end add 1.250z Fuggle and mix in.
  • After the boil is completed (60 minute mark) cool, and add an additional 2 gallons of purified water.
  • Add 1.25oz Fuggle.

The Stats

  • Original Gravity: 1.052
  • Bitterness: 67 IBU
  • Color: 28 HCU (~15 SRM)
  • Alcohol Content: 5.0% ABV

This should be a pretty standard ESB. We brewed the beer with only two people this time (Tim was out of town) but it went off without a hitch. We’ll tell you how it tasts in a few weeks.

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