Why Homebrew?

Thinking about homebrewing? Well, here are some great reasons to take it up as a hobby:

  • Depending on how willing you are to buy large quantities of malt/grain, you can make good beer cheaper than you can buy it in the store.
  • Creativity! You can experiment to make a unique beer you can call your own.
  • Depending on your state, it may be legal for you to brew and drink your own beer even when you’re under the age of 21.
  • You can only learn so much about beer without making it yourself. If you really want to ‘know beer’ you should know what makes each beer taste the way it does.
  • Amateur competitions. Local homebrewing clubs have frequent contests, sometimes with prize money, too.
  • It’s an interesting sub-culture. Local clubs are filled with other beer geeks who simply love beer and it will afford you an opportunity to spend time around people with whom you share a common interest.
  • Satisfaction. Nothing beats cracking your first beer of a batch, tasting it, and knowing that you made beer. It’s awesome.

Any other reasons? Share them in the comments.

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