Review: Shorts Bellaire Brown

Shorts Bellaire Brown

Shorts Bellaire Brown

I’ve been a big fan of Brown Ales for a while. The first time I ever really remember tasting a Brown and really enjoying it was at Leopold Brothers’.  For a while, that was the high water mark for that style. Then, I tried the Bellaire Brown from Shorts.

Shorts describes it as:

A brown ale so rich, it’s hardly classifiable as brown. It’s born of copious amounts of hearty pale ale malt, and several specialty selections which make it a dark, rich and delicious masterpiece. Very light hop additions allow the malty sweetness and flavor complexity to be most protuberant. A beer so user friendly, we dub this the “gateway” beer.

It pours very dark with a small, creamy head that faded quickly.  The color, as you can see, is very dark.  It had a strong coffee smell in the aroma along with sweetness and maltiness.  The taste starts with a rich maltiness that is incredibly smooth.  It finished with a light note of cherry. The beer is incredibly well balanced with a very satisfying body.

I’ve had a few offerings from Shorts and have enjoyed them all.  Ashley’s has moved the Bellaire Brown and the Huma Lupa Liscious IPA onto its permanent menu, so I expect to make this a regular drink. I really need to plan a trip up North and hit up their tap house.

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